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Terms and conditions

1. General Condition of sale
Our supplies and services are effected exclusively in accordance with the following general conditions of sale and delivery and only these are decisive, even if the orderer bases his offer on conditions deviating here from. An express rejection of the latter by us is not required.

2. Offer, delivery and acceptance
Our offers are in all cases subject to change without notice. An order is not valid as being accepted until it has been confirmed in writing by us if a delivery note or invoice has been issued by us. We strive to maintain the delivery dates quoted by us, however, these delivery dates are without obligation. If the delivery dates are exceeded, this does not entitle the orderer to cancel the order or to assert compensation for damages. Cases of forces major such as strikes, other disturbances or deficient supply with raw materials shall release us from any duty to supply. The delivery period shall commence with the date of the order confirmation. Part deliveries are allowed. For production engineering reasons we reserve the right to oversupply and undersupply, particularly in the case of non-standard production. Converted or modified tools are excluded from exchange or return.

3. Prices and conditions of payment
Our prices are in Euro, delivery ex-works. Value added tax will be charged additionally at the amount of the rate of taxation valid at the time of dispatch. Freight, customs duty and other incidental charges shall be at the cost of the purchaser. Our invoices are payable within 8 days less 2% discount or within 30 days after invoice date without any deductions, and for wage paid work without any deductions. Late or deferred payments are subject to default interest at the customary bank rate and to all costs incurred by the payment reminders. We accept cheques and bills of exchange as conditional payment only following previous agreement. The interest and costs are for the account of the purchaser.

4. Consignment
Consignment is effected ex-works for the account of and at the risk of the orderer. Merchandise to be transported shall be consigned by us uninsured, unless the orderer wishes freight insurance to be provided. The premium for this shall be charged to the orderer. The choice of transportation route and the method of freighting shall be effected at the our discretion, if we have not expressly confirmed otherwise to the orderer.

5. General conditions of delivery
Upon publication of this price catalogue all hitherto prices and agreements shall lose their validity. The prices quoted in our catalogue are basic prices subject to the statutory VAT, and in the case of retail sales are recommended prices. All rights are reserved to effect modifications in the interest of technical progress. For orders over EUR 1500,— net we deliver fob German sea port over EUR 500,— net postage and packing prepaid. Export consignments free German border, whereby the cheapest method of transportation serves as the basis. Up to EUR 200,— net we charge postage and packing at prime cost. Minimum order € 50.- commodity value.

6. Information on the packaging ordinance
Pursuant to the ordinance on the avoidance of packaging waste of 12.06.1991 we draw your attention to the following important information:
1.) For reasons of transportation safety EDN tools are supplied in freight packing.
2.) EDN uses only recyclable packing materials.
3.) Where EDN as the supplier is obligated in accordance with the packaging ordinance to take back the freight packing, the purchase shall bear the costs of the return transportation and the recycling. Regardless of this ruling the purchaser can recycle the packing material itself locally at an approved waste disposal centre. Your responsible chamber of commerce will name you the collection points of such approved waste disposal centres.
The advantage: no transportation costsfor any return consignment of packing material to the supplier.

7. Reservation of ownership
All merchandise supplied shall remain our property until fulfilment of all accounts payable resulting from the contract of supply for the orderer. In the case of resellers the accounts receivable of the orderer due from third parties shall supersede our purchase price demand to the amount of our credit balance and without an express assignment being required. Prior to payment being effected the reseller may neither levy the merchandise to a third-party non transfer ownership in the form of collateral security. Any payments effected to the orderer against tools supplied by us must be used primarily to pay our invoices.

8. Liability for defects
For the tools purchased from us the purchaser has a guarantee covering perfect finish and faultless materials. The assertion of any guarantee and warranty claims is only possible, if the purchaser is able to prove that he inspected the merchandise supplied upon delivery as to is suitability for the intended use. In the event of a justified complaint, presuming that the merchandise complained about is submitted to us for inspection without delay, we reserve the right to either repair the items sent in or to replace them with a new supply. Any other claims by the orderer, in particular any such claims as to cancellation of the contract, reduction of the price or compensation for damages, are excluded. In the event of improper handling we reject any claims for replacement.

9. Place of performance and place of jurisdiction
The exclusive place of performance and place of all accounts receivable and claims arising from the contracts concluded with the purchaser is Wuppertal.

10. Concluding conditions
Should one or several of these conditions or parts of such conditions be or become ineffective, the validity of the other Conditions shall remain unaffected thereby.